PPS Portfolio Performance

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The company was founded in 1996 with the development of its ambitious PPS – Portfolio Performance System – project: the first software produced in Brazil to analyze the performance of investment funds, using metrics combining risk and return. Since then, one of the main goals has been to increase its power of analysis, periodically implementing new tools and techniques, leading PPS to the current upgraded 8th version.

The implementation of the portfolio performance evaluation consultancy arose from the realization that there was a growing demand, particularly from institutional investors, for technical and objective assessments, about the way and how effectively their portfolios are being managed. The valuation techniques, the necessary information and the people trained to carry out the analysis, however, were confined exclusively to the financial market. There was the need to create an independent company, without connection of any kind with financial institutions, which could gather the necessary skills to, in free way, provide performance evaluations from reliable data and using what is most modern in terms of financial analysis technology.

With the improvement of pertinent legislation, new requirements in terms of planning of assets considering the liabilities and the increase in corporate governance levels, our scope of services was substantially expanded, which now allows us to offer pension funds a full range of products aimed at meeting the issued requirements of normative, such as drafting investment policy, “Compliance” system deployment, ALM studies – Asset Liability Management, design of internal controls, advice to audit committees in their mandatory half-yearly demonstrations, training for counselors / leaders and other services.

Completing twenty years of history in 2016, PPS Portfolio Performance is now recognized in Brazil as one of the most respected organizations in its area of operation, serving customers with a high degree of quality of service requirement.


Our Expertise


Strategic consulting support for revision and development of a tailor-made efficient organization of the investment processes.


Support for implementation and monitoring of best principles (national and international) of governance.

Flows and Processes

Evaluate composition, mandates, regulations, frequency of meetings, functions and relationship between participants (internal and external) of the investment process.

Strategic Support

Focus on strategic support to the decision-making collegiums and operationalization of investments (Investments Committee, ALM, risks and others).